BOOST Drinks POS & Taster Kit Delivery

Boosting your customer service has never been easier.


All BOOST Drinks delivery orders are processed internally by our marketing team and passed onto our supplier for printing. This can take a little time so please be patient, but we always try our best to get your POS orders passed on ASAP.


We aim to deliver your BOOST drinks POS/Taster Kit products within 5 working days after processing your order. Again, please bear with us as this may take slightly longer. If you’ve not had anything from us within 10 working days, please get in contact with us at: and we’ll try to solve your issue ASAP.


If for some reason your products turn up damaged (we’re super careful with how we package things so this shouldn’t be an issue), please let us know and we’ll work out the best way to solve the issue. We need a photo and proof of delivery when resolving any issues, that way we can make sure this doesn’t happen again. We want you to have the best possible POS for your store.