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BOOST Sport has teamed-up with the charity SportsAid

Sports Aid

BOOST Sport has teamed-up with the charity SportsAid to give the next generation of Olympians a helping hand.

BOOST Sport, the providers of an isotonic brand that aids rehydration, is awarding £1,000 worth of help to the UK’s up-and-coming athletes.

In partnership with SportsAid , BOOST is helping create the next generation of Olympians by providing a range of personal development opportunities and financial backing.

For many athletes at the start of their career, having to rely on their parents for financial support towards training and competition costs, this additional funding is going to be vital.

BOOST Sports and SportsAid have a tradition of working with grassroot sports clubs and providing grants to help cover the cost of equipment or travel.

For more than 40 years, SportsAid has enabled many athletes, including some of the biggest names in sport during the early stages of their careers. Each year SportsAid continues to get over 1000 fledging athletes out of the starting blocks to begin their journey into the world of sport.

Now, BOOST Sport and SportsAid are helping budding Olympians – and their families – to cover the cost of essentials such as travel to competitions, accommodation, and kit.

This unique backing is already helping young athletes including 800m runner Max Burgin, 20, from Halifax. “This funding will go toward travelling costs for my coach,” says Max. “It means he can accompany me to races and training camps and competitions like next year’s World Championships.

Other emerging British talents, such as 18-year-old netball star Lydia Harrison, will benefit from BOOST Sport’s help. “This is an amazing opportunity,” says Lydia. “It’ll enable me to get some much-needed new trainers, and cover travel costs to and from training.”

BOOST Sport is one of a number of prestigious brands, alongside STRAVA, ALDI and the Elton John Sports Fund, partnering SportsAid to get young British athletes off to a flying start.

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